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New Aberdeen College provides a high value for our students in the form of godly mentors and classmates, combined with a rigorous education that produces wisdom.

In order to protect our mission from political pressure, we do not accept state or federal funds. We welcome private scholarships and private loans.

The tuition for the 2025-2026 academic year is $16,900 for full time students. This amount includes tuition and all mandatory fees.

Students must submit a deposit in the amount of 10% of the fall tuition by May 1. This amount is nonrefundable after May 1. The deposit is refundable, if requested in writing, prior to May 1. Students who have a late acceptance (between May 1 and June 30) must provide a 10% deposit plus $250 late fee prior to June 30.

The College offers a tuition payment plan that allows students to spread payments throughout the semester.

Part-time or non-matriculating students will be charged $400.00 per credit hour for students taking less than 12 credits per semester. Students registered for 12 or more credits are charged at the full-time block rate above.